The Many Benefits Of Tuff Screening

As with washing your windows, rinsing your patio screen enclosure is essential, as it maintains your view clean and safer, but it also tends to prolong the life of the screen and frame. The basic procedure of rinsing the screen requires only a garden hose and some gentle dish soap. Wash the screen using a long spray bottle or sponge. Washing a patio screen isn’t difficult, but you do want to make sure you don’t apply too much pressure while scrubbing it clean, otherwise it could damage the frame and shorten the lifespan of the screen. Once clean, rinse with cold water.

Now You Can Have Your Patio Screen Enclosure Done Safely

Cleaning your patio screen enclosure can also help keep bugs from getting into your home. Since patio screens enclosures are screened from the sun, bugs can enter them just before the screening is fully closed. When the screen is not in use, this is a prime location for bugs to enter your home. If you let these bugs get into your home, they can spread themselves throughout your home and present health risks to all of your family members. The best way to prevent this is to screen your screen enclosures at all times.

The tuffscreen offers the ultimate in outdoor living. The material is tough and durable, which makes it resistant to scratching, cracking, fading, or warping, which makes it the perfect screen for any patio screen enclosure. Because it offers such a wide range of functionality, homeowners and businesses alike often prefer to use tuffscreens rather than vinyl or mesh patio screening.