Insulation With Ashpalt & Shingles – Do They Really Work?

Ashpalt & Shingles are an Idaho based company that specializes in attic insulation with Evergreen insulation board. Their products are effective at controlling moisture and at reducing moisture intrusion, while providing superior attic insulation. This insulation also provides insulation efficiency and increased energy savings, which makes it very cost effective. In this article, I will explain how their insulation works, and why it is better than other types of attic insulation.

Ashpalt & Shingles – The Most Popular Roof Covers

An Ashpalt & Shingles shingle are basically a row of overlapping sheets of asphalt on a roof or wall. This product is very easy to install, as it only requires the alignment of the sheets and manual stapling to hold them in place. It’s also one of the most popular roof covers in North America simply because it has an affordable up front cost and is very easy to install. It’s important to realize that it’s actually more expensive to buy the sheets instead of building the shingles yourself, because buying the sheets also means you don’t have to buy all of the tools necessary to do the job, including roofing nails, sheers, tar paper, roofing clips, roof hangers, and so forth. This is an important aspect of insulation, because it means you need to keep your tools handy to do a properly install.

One of the benefits of installing insulation with Ashpalt & Shingles is that they are a 100% waterproof. No matter what type of weather you get, your insulation is not going to leak, not even when it gets wet. Other types of insulation might start to leak if they get wet, but Ashpalt & Shingles will stay dry, no matter what happens outside. This is definitely a big plus over many other products.